Prepare comprehensive implementation plan

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Stage 4

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4.2 Prepare comprehensive implementation plan
4.2.1 Select initial priority actions for near term implementation

Key Products

  • Launch of high priority near-term actions

It is important that near-term actions are chosen immediately to ensure that the plan moves from a document to actual projects and implementation.

4.2.2 Begin work on implementation plan

At this step, stakeholders will bring together each of the implementation plans identified in stage 4.8 into a coherent implementation plan for the entire economy involving multiple government agencies and including specific plans related to timeframe, budgets, and capacity building.

  • Develop a LEDS implementation plan that includes plans for implementing specific actions, including measurable, objective benchmarks for monitoring progress
  • Develop a LEDS financing plan that seeks to harness public and private sector, domestic and international, financial and revenue flows.
  • Choice of actions, and creation of implementation plans, should be done with wide stakeholder consultation with a view to building enthusiasm and buy-in towards implementing the plan.
  • Select initial priority actions for near-term implementation
  • Plan review with stakeholders and refinement
  • Secure resources and partnerships for initial priority actions
  • Seek decision maker endorsement and commitment to implement priority actions
  • Establish process for an annual stakeholder review of progress and for refining the plan

The following resources provide more detail on the type on information to be included in the comprehensive implementation plan.

  The following documents provide examples of country or state specific implementation plans for low emission development strategies.

4.2.3 Plan review with stakeholders and refinement

Stakeholders can do a final review of the comprehensive implementation plan and make any final refinements before securing high level endorsement and publishing the report.