OpenEI International Sponsors and Partners

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OpenEI partners with a variety of international organizations to enhance its content, services and data offerings. Additionally, some partners share data bi-directionally with OpenEI. Below is a list of OpenEI sponsor organizations, partnerships and notable data consumers.


Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Reegle logo.png


REEEP-big.png Illinois State University Logo.png UNEP.JPG CDKN.png Clean energy ministerial logo.png IRENA logo trans.png CER.png Cesc logo.gif ArgonneNationalLaboratory logo.png OakRidgeNationalLaboratory logo.png ISGAN logo.png
Good IIRA logo.png Wiu logo.png

Notable Data Consumers

Beopt logo with text.png Sam screenshot.jpg

Should your organization or application be listed in any of these sections? Please to request that your logo be added for an existing partnership or to initiate a new partnership or sponsorship with OpenEI.