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Stage 4

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4.3 Launch implementation
4.3.1 Plan review with stakeholders and refinement

Stakeholders can do a final review of the comprehensive implementation plan and make any final refinements before securing high level endorsement and publishing the report.

4.3.2 Ensure senior leader endorsement

Senior leader endorsement is extremely important to ensuring successful implementation of the strategy.

4.3.3 Secure resources and partnerships for initial priority actions

Securing resources and partnerships identified in stage 1 organizing the LEDS process is a necessary component for implementation of low emission development strategies.

4.3.4 Launch near-term implementation

Launching of near-term implementation actions will occur at this stage and continue with the implementation of all economy-wide actions to ensure that the comprehensive low emission development strategy meets established goals.

4.3.5 Put in place a system to monitor and evaluate LEDS implementation
  • Identify responsible agencies
  • Work with lead agencies to develop detailed implementation plans for each measure
  • Modify targets identified in the pathways analysis to be specific and measurable
  • Determine measurement and monitoring system needed to assess net emissions reductions impacts of LEDS implementation. Coordinate this with development of the national GHG inventory system
  • Create indicators and measures and a monitoring system, if needed, for assessing the development and environment benefits achieved under the LEDS plan
  • Create an independent dispute resolution facility, with mandate and resources to intervene and resolve conflicts