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Stage 5

  • 5.1. Begin execution and monitor progress of implementation plans

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5.1 Begin execution and monitor progress of implementation plans

In this stage, projects should be started with a clear action plan for the implementation phase. After the launch of a project, regular monitoring should also take place according to plans developed in Stage 4. Progress in achieving actions may be monitored using objective measurable timelines and critical path milestones as identified in the implementation plan.

Monitoring and evaluation facilitates LEDS implementation by increasing transparency and accountability, enhancing stakeholder trust, facilitating adaptive management, and informing future programs. Well-designed monitoring and evaluation should be country owned and driven and be based on sound underlying data. It should also map back to the LEDS itself comprehensively and include mechanisms to track short-, medium-, and long-term impacts. Because the LEDS may build upon and expand existing development plans and objectives, the indicators can draw on existing frameworks for metrics and accountability. Where appropriate and feasible, incorporating independent third-party evaluation entities can help ensure autonomy.

A sample, illustrative six-stage iterative process for monitoring and evaluation is below.

  • Identify responsible agencies for coordinating monitoring and evaluation
  • Work with lead agencies to develop detailed implementation plans for each measure
  • Modify targets identified in the pathways analysis to be specific and measurable
  • Determine measurement and monitoring system needed to assess impacts of LEDS implementation
  • Create indicators and measures and a monitoring system
  • Publicly report results for monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis, then restart process as the LEDS evolves over time.

It is important to engage relevant stakeholders throughout the process of developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation to build trust and improve transparency and to improve ownership of the LEDS itself.