Transparent Cost Database

From Open Energy Information

For emerging energy technologies, a variety of cost and performance numbers are cited in presentations and reports for present-day characteristics and potential improvements. Amid a variety of sources and methods for these data, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s technology development programs determine estimates for use in program planning.

The Transparent Cost Database collects program cost and performance estimates for EERE technologies in a public forum where they can be viewed and compared to other published estimates. The database includes literature on technology cost, performance estimates and levelized costs (both current and future projections) for:

  • electricity generation
  • biofuels
  • vehicles

All data are downloadable for full transparency.

Levelized cost calculation parameters for all three areas can be adjusted and the dynamic results can be downloaded in CSV or as a formatted spreadsheet.

This project is under active development and we welcome user suggestions for additional features or modifications to enhance usability for the energy community. The database also allows nomination of data sets for inclusion in the database or comments on the estimates used by interested users.