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This is a property of type String.

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  • Website
  • Spreadsheet
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Device
  • Other

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2050 Calculator +Spreadsheet  +, Website  +
A New Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries: The Renewable Energy Regulated Purchase Tariff +Website  +
AGI-32 +Desktop Application  +
APFED-Good Practice Database +Website  +
Accounting for Co-benefits in Asia's Transportation Sector: Methods and Applications +Spreadsheet  +
Accuracy Assessment for Forest and Land Use Maps (English version) +Desktop Application  +
ActiveGreenScore +Mobile Device  +
Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator (APECS) +Desktop Application  +
Agriculture and Land Use National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Software +Desktop Application  +
AgrometShell +Desktop Application  +
Alleviating energy poverty for the world's poor +Website  +
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program Emissions Benefit Tool +Spreadsheet  +
Alternative Fueling Station Locator +Website  +
Alternative Fueling Station Locator - Mobile +Mobile Device  +
Alternative Fuels Data Center +Website  +
An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village +Website  +
Analysis of the raw data of sample plots in NFIMAP Cycle IV (English version) +Desktop Application  +
Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +Desktop Application  +
Appropriate Technology Library +Other  +
Appropriate Technology Sourcebook +Website  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Spreadsheet  +
Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries: A Practitioner's Guide +Other  +
Autonomie Automotive Simulation Tool +Desktop Application  +
BCHP Screening Tool +Desktop Application  +
BEST-Cement for China +Desktop Application  +