Property:Implementation Phase

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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Bring the Right People Together
  • Create a Vision
  • Determine Baseline
  • Evaluate Options
  • Develop Goals
  • Prepare a Plan
  • Get Feedback
  • Develop Finance and Implement Projects
  • Create Early Successes
  • Evaluate Effectiveness and Revise as Needed

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An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village +Create a Vision  +
An Overview of Existing Wind Energy Ordinances +Create a Vision  +, Develop Finance and Implement Projects  +
Animal Farm Powers Village +Develop Finance and Implement Projects  +
Appropriate Technology Library +Create Early Successes  +
Appropriate Technology Sourcebook +Create a Vision  +
Assessment of the Technical Potential for Micro-Cogeneration in Small Commercial Buildings across the United States +Evaluate Options  +
Autonomie Automotive Simulation Tool +Create a Vision  +
BCHP Screening Tool +Determine Baseline  +, Develop Goals  +
Bioenergy KDF +Bring the Right People Together  +
Biofuels Techno-Economic Models +Evaluate Options  +
Biomass Boiler and Furnace Emissions and Safety Regulations in the Northeast States +Determine Baseline  +, Evaluate Options  +, Develop Goals  +
Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) +Develop Finance and Implement Projects  +
Biomass Power Association (BPA) +Determine Baseline  +, Evaluate Options  +, Develop Goals  +
Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) +Determine Baseline  +, Evaluate Options  +, Develop Goals  +
Building Component Library +Create a Vision  +, Evaluate Options  +, Develop Goals  +,
Building Energy Tools Software Directory +Create a Vision  +, Determine Baseline  +, Develop Goals  +
Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC) Program +Create a Vision  +, Determine Baseline  +, Evaluate Options  +,
BuildingOS by Lucid +Bring the Right People Together  +, Create a Vision  +, Determine Baseline  +,