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Property Name ToolComplexity
Property Type Text
Description Complexity, or ease of use, of tool/application
Allows Values Simple;Moderate;Advanced;Not Available

This is a property of type Text.

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2050 Calculator +Not Available  +
A Roadmap to Funding Infrastructure Development +Not Available  +
Accessing Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport: A practical overview +Not Available  +
Accuracy Assessment for Forest and Land Use Maps (English version) +Not Available  +
Adapting Urban Transport to Climate Change- Module 5f - Sustainable transport: a sourcebook for policy-makers in developing cities +Not Available  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: ARCGIS Shape File, all Countries +Not Available  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: Interactive MAP in PDF, all Countries +Not Available  +
Africa's Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation +Not Available  +
Africa’s Transport Infrastructure Mainstreaming Maintenance and Management +Not Available  +
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program Emissions Benefit Tool +Simple  +
Alternative Fuels Data Center +Not Available  +
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center - Fleet Experiences +Not Available  +
Alternative Ways of Financing Infrastructure Investment: Potential for ‘Novel’ Financing Models +Not Available  +
Analysis of the raw data of sample plots in NFIMAP Cycle IV (English version) +Not Available  +
Annual Monitoring Report Interactive Map +Not Available  +
Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +Advanced  +
Are We Heading Towards a Reversal of the Trend for Ever-Greater Mobility? +Not Available  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Advanced  +
Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries: A Practitioner's Guide +Advanced  +
Assessment of the type of cycling infrastructure required to attract new cyclists +Not Available  +
Asset Management for Sustainable Road Funding +Not Available  +
Automatic Deployment Options Projection Tool (ADOPT) +Advanced  +
BITES +Moderate  +
BRT Centre January Webinar Nigel Wilson +Not Available  +
Before and after: video highlights advances in Rio de Janeiro’s TransCarioca bus rapid transit system +Not Available  +