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Solar Power

Solar power converts light and heat from the sun into electricity. The sun is the origin of virtually all of the world’s energy. It powers the winds used to generate wind power.[1] And it is the necessary ingredient in photosynthesis which drives the generation of materials for biomass and biofuel energy.[2]

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European, African, Mediterranean, Asian Solar Resources

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Solar Economy

The data from the Open Energy Info platform shows 2509 registered companies in the U.S. solar sector, with the heaviest concentrations in the Bay Area (37), the Greater Boston Area (27), the Rockies Area (41), and the Texas Area (20). The full map and list of companies is listed on the left of this page.

Solar Decision Support Tools

"Open PV Project"
The Open PV Project is a collaborative effort between government, industry, and the public that will develop a comprehensive database of photovoltaic (PV) installation data for the United States.

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