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Wisconsin Hydropower Facility Licensing, Certification, Safety, & Regulation(7-WI)

Currently, the RAPID Toolkit does not have state specific content regarding facility licensing, certification, and dam safety for hydropower development in Wisconsin.

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Determine Which State and Federal Permits Apply

Use this overview flowchart and following steps to learn which federal and state permits apply to your projects.

Permitting at a Glance

Small Hydropower Program: Wisconsin does not currently have a small hydropower program.
Renewable Portfolio Standard Process (RPS): Wisconsin implemented an increasing renewable electricity schedule for electric providers to reach a statewide renewable energy goal of 10% renewable electricity by 2015. After 2015, Wisconsin requires electric providers to maintain a 6% increase in renewable electricity based on a (2001-2003) baseline. 196 Wis. Stat. §196.378.
RPS Eligible: "Hydroelectric generation projects less than 60 MW receive credit for the sum of:
  • all hydropower purchased in a reporting year;
  • the average of the hydropower produced by the utility adjusted to reflect capacity increases from improvements or removal from service;
  • the amount of hydropower generated in the reporting year by facilities owned by the electric provider placed in service in 2004.
Hydroelectric generation projects greater than 60 MW can be counted toward an RPS requirement if the facility was placed in service on or after December 31, 2010.
RPS Regulatory Agency: Wisconsin uses the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) to track and verify RECs.

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