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RAPIDRegulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit
My Projects

Saving Projects

The My Projects feature of the RAPID Toolkit allows you to save regulatory and permitting information applicable to your work.

You must have an OpenEI account and be logged in to the RAPID Toolkit to use My Projects.

Creating Projects

  • To create a new project, on the My Projects page, select the Create Project button and enter a project name in the Add a Project window.


Viewing Projects

  • To view your projects, select the My Projects button just beneath the RAPID navigation banner. In the My Projects window, select a project name or “view all projects.”


Editing Projects

You can customize your projects by adding information specific to your work.

  • To change a project name or enter a project description, first select your project. On the project page, select the edit button next to the project title. In the Edit Project Information window, add or edit your project information.


  • To make or edit notes about items saved to your project, select the Add Notes or Edit Notes option within the table and enter your text in the Notes Window.


Adding Pages to Projects

The RAPID Toolkit includes a library of regulatory roadmaps that outline the major requirements for developing renewable energy and bulk transmission projects.

  • You can save, or bookmark, requirements relevant to your project by selecting “Add to Project” buttons throughout the site.


  • Selecting an Add to Project button will allow you to add that page to existing projects or to a new project.