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Montana State Highway Right-of-Way Overview (3-MT-c)

There are several individual right of way or encroachment procedures in Montana. This overview is intended to lead the developer to the appropriate process.

State Highway Right-of-Way Overview Process

3-MT-c.1 to 3-MT-c.2 - Will the Project Encroach on a MDOT Road?

Easements and encroachments are oftentimes temporary private access to the operations.

Encroachment Permit:

3-MT-c.3 to 3-MT-c.4 - Is the Surface Use for Utilities?

A separate application process exists for applications for a right-of-way easement for utilities over, under, along or across state-owned lands.

Right-of-Way Easement for Utilities:

3-MT-c.5 to 3-MT-c.6 - Will the Activity Be A Temporary Use of School Trust Lands?

A land use license is used for temporary uses of state-owned lands. This process may be used for access before a full lease has been granted.

Land Use License Process:

3-MT-c.7 - No Permit Needed; Continue with Project

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