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Montana Land Use License (3-MT-d)

The land use license is intended to be used for short-term use of state-owned lands. This license may be used for casual use of the lands before a full lease is awarded. The Montana Board of Land Commissioners..."has the authority to direct, control, lease, exchange and sell school lands" and other lands granted for the support of education. It has the authority to issue leases for agriculture, grazing, mineral production, cabinsites, and other uses under such terms and conditions as best meet the duties of the board to the various trusts and the state of Montana...The board shall administer state land under the concept of multiple-use management. Rule 36.25.103

Land Use License Process

3-MT-d.1 - Land Use License Application; fee (Form DS-401)

The land use license application is a simple one page description of the proposed activities and the proposed location of the activities. The $25 fee is non-refundable. Land Use License Application.

3-MT-d.2 - Review application materials & complete on-site inspection

The Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation area office is responsible for reviewing the application materials. On occasion, the area office will complete an on-site inspection in order to ensure the activity is appropriate for the area. Land Use License Application.

3-MT-d.3 - Is the proposed use found to be in the best interest of the trust

The department is responsible for ensuring all land uses are in the best interest of the trust. Generally development that will generate income for the trust without sacrificing environmental quality will be considered within the best interest of the trust. Land Use License Application.

3-MT-d.4 - Land Use License

The department area office will issue the license to the applicant in writing with appropriate terms and conditions to protect the trust and environmental interests. Land Use License Application.

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