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Montana Encroachment Permit (3-MT-e)

This flowchart is intended to address the permitting requirements for encroachments on Montana Department of Transportation lands.

Encroachment Permit Process

3-MT-e.1 - Montana Department of Transportation Structure Encroachment Permit Application

The Encroachment Permit Application application contains an extensive environmental checklist and requires an adequate description of the work to be done and the affected lands.

3-MT-e.2 - Review application

The department reviews the application to ensure all alternatives have been considered and that all environmental concerns have been addressed.

If the proposed installation will result in significant, permanent or long term impacts to the transportation network in terms of substantial increase traffic volumes, weight, or delays to traffic on state roadways, such as major mines greater than five acres, a railroad at-grade crossing, railroad under or overpass, or strip mines, or if the proposed action has permanent impacts to other forms of transportation (rail, transit, or air movement), the encroachment permit must be submitted to the Transportation Planning Division for review prior to issuance of the permit.

Otherwise, the permit is issued upon the receipt of a completed application, subject to the conditions on page 2 of the application form.

(See Encroachment Permit Application)

3-MT-e.3 - Structure Encroachment Permit

The encroachment permit is issued in writing to the developer with any necessary terms and conditions.

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