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Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model
Abstract ADAGE is a dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) model capable of examining many types of economic, energy, environmental, climate change mitigation, and trade policies at the international, national, U.S. regional, and U.S. state levels.  +
DIA/Approach The model uses the same theoretical struct
The model uses the same theoretical structure to examine policy effects in each of its three modules: International, US Regional, and Single Country. The model’s integrated framework allows its components to use relevant policy findings from other modules with broader geographic coverage, thus obtaining detailed regional and state-level results that incorporate international impacts of policies.
rporate international impacts of policies.  +
DIA/CaseStudies This paper used the ADAGE model to assess the "health implications of biodiversity conservation in Brazil"  +
DIA/Inputs Economic data from Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) and IMpact analysis for PLANning (IMPLAN); Energy data and various growth forecasts come from the International Energy Agency and Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy  +
DIA/Level National  + , Local  + , Policy  +
DIA/Outputs Quantitative estimates include: * Gross d
Quantitative estimates include: * Gross domestic product, consumption, industry output, and changes in prices; * Employment impacts and changes in wage rates; * Capital earnings and real interest rates; * Investment decisions; * Input purchases and changes in production technologies of firms; * Flows of traded goods among regions; * Energy production and consumption by businesses and households; and * Fuel and greenhouse gas permit prices.
d * Fuel and greenhouse gas permit prices.  +
DIA/Stakeholders Government policymakers  + , economic consultants  + , environmental professionals  +
DIA/Topic Environmental  + , Economic  +
DIA/Topic/Economic Employment  + , All  + , Energy Security  + , Gross Domestic Product  + , General  +
DIA/Topic/Environmental Greenhouse Gases  + , All  + , General  +
DIA/Training ADAGE documentation and introduction included. (Free)  +
DIA/Type Software  +
Developer Research Triangle Institute +
Name Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model  + , Energy  + , Research Triangle Institute  +
OpenEI/Tool/CostRange Paid  +
OpenEI/Tool/CostType One Time Fee  +
OpenEI/Tool/RelatedTo Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model  +
OpenEI/Tool/Users Policy analysts  + , decision-makers  +
ProgramResources Software/modeling tools  +
ProgramSector Climate  + , Energy  +
Screenshot ADAGEscreen.JPG +
Tool-subcategory LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits  +
ToolComplexity Advanced  +
User Interface Desktop Application  +
Website  +
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Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +
Categories Tools , LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits
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23:48:00, 24 August 2014  +
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