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Find alternative fueling stations near an address or along a route in the United States.

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This tool is included in the Transportation Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.

When to Use This Tool

While building a low emission strategy for your country's transportation system, this tool is most useful during these key phases of the process:

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How to Use This Tool

This tool is most helpful when using these strategies:

  • Improve - Enhance infrastructure & policies

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The Alternative Fueling Station Locator, part of the Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Datacenter, allows users to search for alternative fueling stations (including electric charging, E85, natural gas, and others) near an address or in a state. In addition, the locator will map a route between two locations and show alternative fuels within a specified distance of that route.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs include: An address or other location

This tool accesses the NREL database for Alternative Fuels Database.[1]

Outputs include: Locations and information on alternative fueling stations


This tool is useful to planners in evaluating whether to purchase or provide incentives for alternative fueled vehicles.



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