Autonomie Automotive Simulation Tool

From Open Energy Information

Rapidly evaluate new powertrain and propulsion technologies for improving fuel economy through virtual design and analysis in a math-based simulation environment.

Argonne has developed a new tool, called Autonomie, to accelerate the development and introduction of advanced technologies through plug-and-play architecture.

Autonomie has been designed to be used as a single tool throughout the different phases of Model Based Design of the Vehicle Development Process (VDP). Model Based Design is a math-based visual method for designing complex control systems and is being used successfully in many motion control, industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications. It provides an efficient methodology that includes four key elements in the development process: modeling a plant (from first principles or system identification), synthesizing and analyzing a controller for the plant, simulating the plant and controller together, and programming/deploying the controller. Model Based Design integrates all these multiple phases and provides a common framework for communication throughout the entire design process.


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