An Overview of Existing Wind Energy Ordinances

From Open Energy Information


This document provides a summary of existing wind energy ordinances that provides a foundation for state and local governments and policymakers when developing their own ordinances.  This document presents approved wind energy ordinances from 9 different states across the US that are being used in rural cities, counties, and townships. The ordinances included can be used by communities to create a vision for wind deployment as well as initiate and guide wind project implementation in communities without existing wind ordinances.

Community Information
Name Communities in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Utah
Type City, State, Other, Township


The document discusses how existing wind energy ordinances address common themes including access, appearance, clearance, electrical, equipment, height, lighting, noise, permits, restoration requirements, set backs, shadow flicker, signage, signal interference standards, space and density, and zoning areas.  Links to each community's ordinance are provided to allow for additional research for communities developing new ordinances.

Environmental Aspects

The objective of these communities is to facilitate and regulate the development of Wind Energy Conversion Systems.


  1.  "An Overview of Existing Wind Energy Ordinances"