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This press release describes a project completed in Hatherop, a small English village. The project is a combined heat and power (CHP) plant (supplied by Alfagy) that will produce heat and electricity using biogas generated through the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste (including chicken litter, manure, and pig slurry). The project was financed with a grant from the Rural Development Fund for European Development 2007-2013: Europe Investing in Rural Areas.

Community Information
Name Hatherop, England
Type Other;#Village (parish)
Population 290[2]
Community Energy Goals Not given
Baseline Not given
Results to Date Not given


This article provides a brief, high-level description of a renewable energy project that benefits a small community in a variety of ways: the anaerobic digestion biogas plant not only supplies heat and electricity to Hatherop homes at a low cost, but it also reduces farm waste and associated odors and stimulates the local economy by creating jobs and paying farmers for their waste. The article also notes that the leftover digestate (liquid waste generated by the anaerobic digestion process) will be used by local farmers as fertilizer.

Environmental Aspects

The plant will produce 350 kilowatts per hour, "enough to supply 175 homes with electricity).

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