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Brough Head

In March 2010 BHWFL was granted an exclusive Agreement for Lease (AfL) on an area of seabed off the Mainland Orkney coast stretching from Costa Head in the north to Neban Point in the south-west (Figure 1.1). This AfL was granted through The Crown Estate (TCE) Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters (PFOW) leasing round for commercial wave and tidal energy projects. This was the world’s first seabed leasing round and was designed to enable marine energy developers to investigate the potential for the installation of wave and tidal energy devices around the UK’s coastline.

Project Manager
Additional Information
Project Life Cycle
Start Year
Energy Resource
  • Wave
  • Tidal
Project Scale
Max Rated Power Capacity
The maximum amount of electricity that can be produced by project, based on available resources and device nameplate capacity.
200 MW

Number of Devices
Orkney coast
Site Characteristics
Geographic characterization for the project location:

- Open Ocean: Main body of ocean, not enclosed or partially enclosed by land
- Coastal: Open water near the coast, spanning between land and shelf boundary
- Enclosed Bay: water that is partially surrounded by land, with a mouth open to larger water
- Constricted Channel: A channel where water flows quickly due to narrowing by the land

- River: Water flowing from land towards a larger body of water
United Kingdom