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InSPIRE Financial Calculator

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The InSPIRE Agrivoltaics Calculator is a free techno-economic analysis tool that is designed to facilitate first steps in decision-making regarding the use of low-impact solar development strategies. It should be used as a rough comparison tool to calculate solar energy generation, agricultural revenues, and financial characteristics for three options: agriculture only, solar only, and solar and agriculture combined. All data is based on industry averages and results may change drastically based on project specific information. Please reach out to NCAT or your solar developer for more information and to validate these results.


Specific assumptions of this model can be found here
System Advisor Model (SAM) documentation can be found here


All results presented are rough estimates and need to be validated with specific project information
Ag Only Solar Only Solar + Ag
Farm revenue ($/yr) - - -
Solar revenue ($/yr) - - -
Break Even Year - - -
Solar Capacity (kW-dc) - - -
Capacity Factor (%) - - -
System Cost ($/W) - - -
Total System Cost ($) - - -
Annual Energy Production (kWh/yr) - - -
NPV ($) - - -
IRR (%) - - -