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Agriculture and Solar Together: Research Opportunities

The Agriculture and Solar Together: Research Opportunities (ASTRO) advisory group members come from across the United States and represent leading solar industry partners, state agencies, and other organizations focused on research, food and agricultural, and the environment. The ASTRO members provide feedback to InSPIRE performers on research directions and study designs, while also facilitating dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders. Additionally, they help ensure the National Alliance of Water Innovation research activities are meeting the most pressing needs of industry and state agencies.

To learn more about ASTRO or to join a quarterly call, please reach contact Fresh Energy’s Rob Davis (

A photo of a group of people standing in a field with solar panels.
ASTRO members provide feedback to InSPIRE performers on research directions and study designs, while also facilitating dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders.


These are the current members of the ASTRO advisory group

  • Ross Abbey, U.S. Solar
  • Greg Barron-Gafford, University of Arizona
  • Brenda Beatty, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Ashley Bennet, EPRI
  • Zoe Berkery, Clean Capital
  • Pete Berthelson, Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund
  • Michelle Boyd, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Dwane Brager, University of Massachusetts Extension
  • John Buffington, SolAmerica
  • Brian Burandt, Connexus Energy
  • Mary Ann Colley, Colorado Butterfly Pavilion
  • Lane Daley, Clif Bar
  • Rob Davis, Fresh Energy
  • Megan Day, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Adam Dolezal, University of Illinois Springfield
  • Zara Dowling, University of Massachusetts Extension
  • Olivia Eskew, Cypress Creek Renewables
  • Jorge Figueroa, Jorge Figueroa Laboratorio
  • Jessica Fox, EPRI
  • Amy Garrett, Oregon State University
  • Lexie Hain, American Solar Grazing Association
  • Elysa Hammond, Clif Bar
  • Aaron Hanson, University of Minnesota Energy Transition Lab
  • Brock Harpur, Purdue University
  • Heidi Hartmann, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Rebecca Hernandez, University of California, Davis
  • Ihor Hlohowskyi, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Colleen Hollinger, Natural Resource Services
  • Rufus Isaacs, Michigan State University
  • Jake Janski, Minnesota Native Landscapes
  • Ben Kaldunski, EPRI
  • Elizzabeth Kaufmann, Pollinator Partnership
  • Jeremy King, Denison University
  • Marcus Krembs, Enel Green Power
  • Michael Lehan, Hyperion Systems
  • Caroline Leonhardt, Clif Bar
  • Cara Libby, EPRI
  • Eric Lonsdorf, Natural Capital Project
  • Harry Lopes, Eden Renewables
  • John Losey, Cornell University
  • Jordan Macknick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Emy Maloutas, ReGenerate
  • Jake Marley, Hyperion Systems
  • Giovanni Maruca, Eden Renewables
  • Scott McArt, Cornell University
  • James McCall, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Gavin Meinschein, Engie
  • Marita Mirzatuny, Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
  • Dave Mulla, University of Minnesota
  • Matthew O'Neal, University of Iowa
  • Gerry Palano, Massachusetts Department of Agriculture
  • Guy Parker, Wychwood Biodiversity
  • Jon Powers, Clean Capital
  • Sean Prive, Understory Initiative
  • Nicole Rakobitsch, Organic Valley
  • Jason Schmidt, University of Georgia
  • Peter Schmidt, U.S. Solar
  • Marla Spivak, University of Minnesota Bee Lab
  • River Strong, University of Massachusetts Extension
  • Eric Udehofen, OneEnergy Renewables
  • Damon Waitt, North Carolina Botanical Garden
  • Lisa Walsh, Solar Energy Services, Inc.
  • Leroy Walston, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Lindsey White, Ernst Pollinator Services
  • Julianne Wooten, Pine Gate Renewables
  • Matthew Worsham, University of Dayton