EDIN-USVI Clean Energy Quarterly

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The EDIN-USVI Clean Energy Quarterly is a quarterly newsletter documenting the progress of the Energy Development in Island Nations (EDIN) U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) pilot project. The newsletter highlights activities, meetings, and accomplishments of EDIN's five working groups: Policy and Analysis, Education and Workforce Development, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Transportation. The newsletters provide updates on the stakeholders involved in the various workgroups and the initiative as a whole; a description of key analyses underway (e.g., USVI Energy Road Map; USVI 2025 Transportation Petroleum Reduction Plan); and records of education and energy projects currently underway within the territory. The USVI is currently assessing and implementing a number of projects, including a 15.4 MW waste-to-energy plant; an upgrade to the St. Croix power plant to recover waste heat from combustion turbines; and an energy savings company (ESCO) project to provide energy and water efficiency upgrades to local schools.

Community Information
Name U.S. Virgin Islands
Type Other;#Island
Community Energy Goals The U.S. Virgin Island's territory-wide goal is to reduce fossil fuel use by 6 percent by 2025.


This resource provides an ongoing snapshot of the various interrelated activities related to the EDIN USVI project as well as an overview of the highlights of the various analyses and projects currently underway in USVI. The publication presents a "ground-level" account of the details involved in implementing an integrated deployment project in an island community.

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This newsletter highlights the use of the HOMER hybrid optimization software modeling tool to assess the economic and technical feasibility of increasing the contribution of renewable sources of electrical generation within USVI.


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