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An Overview of Existing Wind Energy Ordinances +Communities in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Utah  +
Animal Farm Powers Village +Hatherop, England  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Asia-Pacific  +
Assessment of the Technical Potential for Micro-Cogeneration in Small Commercial Buildings across the United States +Not Applicable  +
Biomass Boiler and Furnace Emissions and Safety Regulations in the Northeast States +Northeast States  +
California Biomass Collaborative Energy Cost Calculators +California  +
Chicago Climate Action Plan +Chicago, IL  +
City of Aspen Climate Action Plan +Aspen, CO  +
Climate Action Planning: A Review of Best Practices, Key Elements, and Common Climate Strategies for Signatories to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment +Signatories to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)  +
Community Greening: How to Develop a Strategic Plan +Not Applicable  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: City of Montpelier Project +Montpelier, Vermont  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Forest County Potawatomi Tribe +Forest County Potawatomi Tribe  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Haxtun Wind Project +Phillips County, Colorado  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Sacramento Municipal Utility District Projects +Sacramento Municipal Utility District, CA  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: University of California at at Davis Project +University of California at Davis  +
Community Response to Concentrating Solar Power in the San Luis Valley +San Luis Valley, Colorado  +
Comparepower +Dallas, Texas  +
EDIN-USVI Clean Energy Quarterly +U.S. Virgin Islands  +
Energy Choice Simulator +Midwestern United States  +
First Known Use of QECBs will Save Yolo County at lease $8.7 Million of the Next 25 Years +Yolo County, California  +
From Tragedy to Triumph: Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas, To Be a 100% Renewable Energy City +Greensburg, Kansas  +
Greensburg, Kansas--A Better, Greener Place to Live +Greensburg, Kansas  +
How Would You Rebuild a Town - Green? +Greensburg, Kansas  +
Humboldt County RESCO Project +Humboldt County  +
ISC-Reducing Congestion through Smart Parking Management +San Francisco, California  +