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How to Report Your Turbine's Data to OpenEI

The Wind for Schools OpenEI Wiki currently accepts data from Skystream wind turbines. You can obtain a FREE preprogrammed Raspberry Pi computer to read and send data to OpenEI from at Kansas State University. See the Software & Downloads tab for software and instructions for setting up the data acquisition system.

To report your turbine data for new or newly configured systems to OpenEI, you will need to register your turbine to receive the turbine ID (if you don't already have this) and an API key. Once the turbine is registered and configured with the API key, successful submissions to the API uploader will receive an HTTP response code of 200 and a JSON status object. This means data is being collected, but before your turbine's data will show up in the various reports, you will need to create an OpenEI Wiki page for your turbine.

Instructions for editing the turbine and school information are below. If you have any questions regarding this process, please

How to Create Your Turbine Wiki Page

  • Create an OpenEI user account for yourself if you haven't already.
  • Once you're logged in to OpenEI, enter a name for the school's project. Note that the name you enter here will automatically become the wiki page name. You will enter something like "My School Wind Project" (without quotes), which will create a turbine wiki page with URL
  • After you enter the school wind facility name and click submit, you will see a form for entering detailed information. Here are some guidelines:
    • School: If the page name is "My School Wind Project", enter "My School" here (without quotes).
    • Year Joined Wind for Schools: Enter the year the school began participating in the program.
    • Turbine Status: Indicate if the turbine is in planned, in service, under construction, or decommissioned.
    • Wind Turbine Manufacturer: Enter the manufacturer's name, i.e. "Skystream".
    • Wind for Schools Portal Turbine ID: This is not the turbine serial number, this is a 6 or 8-digit number derived from the serial number and contains no dash. You receive this when you register for an API key. If the serial number begins with 30, you must enter all 8 digits: 3012xxxx.
    • Number of Units: Enter the number of turbines at this location.
    • Installed Capacity (MW): Total Generator Nameplate Capacity (Rated Power).
    • Generating Capacity: Amount of electricity the turbine produces over a specific period of time. optional
    • School Address: Enter the school address, if known.
    • State Abbreviation: Enter the two-letter state abbreviation.
    • Postal Code: Enter the school postal code, if known.
    • Coordinates: Enter the coordinates. As part of this form, OpenEI provides a "Look Up Coordinates" field below the "Coordinates" field. You may simply enter the school address.