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Turbine Set-up and Support

Follow these instructions to connect your school's Skystream turbine to OpenEI for the first time. The overview below will help you prepare for setup. Use the detailed setup guide when completing the setup.

Detailed Set-up Guide

You Will Need

  • Zigbee radio + connection cable (mini USB - USB)
  • Raspberry Pi + power cable (micro USB) + power supply
  • Formatted Wind for Schools SD card (see formatting instructions in set-up guide)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • IT support
  • Line of sight between the Zigbee radio and the Skystream turbine (the closer the better)
  • Network connection for the Raspberry Pi
  • Power for the Raspberry Pi.

See the setup guide for details on each of the items and resources you will need for setup.

Overview of Set-up Process

  1. Configure and connect Zigbee radio, Raspberry Pi, and SD card.
  2. Create webpage on OpenEI (see set-up guide)
  3. Watch your data!

Schematic illustrating the Wind for Schools-Skystream data acquisition system


Additional Setup Resources

Use these resources for help with the Skyview interface and working with the Raspberry Pi.

Skyview/Skystream documentation

Skyview is the manufacturer-provided wind turbine communication software. It is necessary for diagnostics but will not send data.
These resources require a Windows computer.

Raspberry Pi SD card images

Use the links below to download programs for Raspberry Pi computers serving as data acquisition systems for Skystream turbines.

Raspberry Pis are available for FREE from
For additional help setting up or troubleshooting you wind turbine system, please email:

Getting Started With a New Project

To get started with a new school wind turbine project and learn best practices for engaging students, teachers, administrators, and the community with wind turbine projects, go here:
Get started with a new project!