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Turbine Data

Technical Resources



Skystream 3.7 Downloads

These resources require a Windows computer. Skyview is the manufacturer-provided wind turbine communication software. It is necessary for diagnostics but will not send data out from its host computer.
Skyview 2.0 (Southwest Windpower)
Runwind 2.0 Installer for WindInterface (INL)
Instructions for Installing Wind for Schools Software
Skyview Instruction Manual (Xzeres Wind)
Instructions for loading Skyview Drivers on Win10 (Xzeres Wind)
Instructions for loading Skyview Drivers on Win8 (Xzeres Wind)
Skyview ScreenShots for Driver Installation on Win8 (Xzeres Wind)
Skyview Communications Troubleshooting Guide (Xzeres Wind)
Skystream Inverter Fix (Xzeres wind)

Raspberry Pi Downloads

These resources are for Raspberry Pi computers serving as data acquisition systems for Skystreams. The Windinterface program collects turbine data and sends it to OpenEI. It does not collect turbine health diagnostics. Raspberry Pis are available for FREE from Kansas State University; see link under Turbine Support.
Latest Wind for Schools Disk Image for Multiple Turbines for Raspberry Pi
Latest Wind for Schools Disk Image for Single Turbine for Raspberry Pi
Imaging Raspberry Pi SD Cards
Wind for Schools Raspberry Pi Setup Guide
Finding Your ZigbeeID
RasPi Setup Guide for PreConfigured Pis