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Welcome to the Wind for Schools curriculum resources section. This searchable and indexable database of materials has been constructed to help educators learn and teach about wind power. We want to make it easy for educators at all level to quickly find curricula, activities, materials and other tools that will help energize students around a wind powered future and related concepts.


We have 100s of resources on the website and we hope to add more all the time. Many of these resources have been vetted by a team of dedicated educators. If you have never taught about wind energy before we highly recommend watching the videos and trying one of the Most Popular Activities. If are looking for a specific lesson dig into the archives and search by time, cost or subject matter. Can't find what you are looking for send us a note.


We know that educators need to feel comfortable with new materials before they will share it with their students. To help you better understand wind power we have organized a variety of resources to help you explore and understand this rapidly growing energy source. Some of these resources may also be appropriate to use with your students.


If you have some curricular materials you would like to share or you have customized lessons that have already been posted to the WfS database please send them to our team. Use the contribute materials button to share what you have created with the Wind for Schools team. Anyone can submit materials; teachers, non-profits or even for-profit companies. Our team will review these materials and if they feel it will be useful to educators we will post them to the website.