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Data, APIs, and Visualizations: Introduction for Aspiring Developers

Are you looking to get raw data from Wind for Schools Portal? Or perhaps you'd like to modify an existing visualization? This page provides details on how to query data and modify or create your own visualizations.

All Wind for Schools Portal data are open. Because it is updated real-time, it is unique, interesting data that you can download, analyze, and visualize.


Wind data is aggregated daily to Google Fusion Tables. This data is such that SQL-like queries can be made against it and a visualization created.

  1. Generate an API key for your usage at Google API console. This API key is then sent along with your request to allow you to access the Google Fusion Table.
  2. Obtain the current GFT_ID value from and substitute this for GFT_ID in the example queries below.
  3. Query data
    • GFT documentation is available from Google
    • Example queries:
      • Get all variables for every day before November 5th, 2009. "FROM" in this case is the doc_id for the Google Fusion Table.*%20FROM%20GFT_ID%20WHERE%20timewindow%3C'2009-11-05'&key=AIzaSyBcb_omISbFbmyqjGv8SrhcK71Qdpx920Y
      • Get the time and sumkWH for every day,%20sumkWh%20FROM%20GFT_ID&key=AIzaSyBcb_omISbFbmyqjGv8SrhcK71Qdpx920Y

Turbine metadata dictionary

  • GMT Time: the time reported by the wind turbine's on-board clock; it is usually NOT accurate. Date & Time is the time reported by the sending PC's clock and is usually fairly accurate. The turbine's clock can be set to match the PC's clock, but they will eventually become out of sync again.
  • Totpower: a cumulative value from when the turbine was activated. This value is generally unreliable the first day or so of operation. After that, it becomes reliable. Taking the difference from the first period value to the last allows the flexibility to choose the desired period and give an energy production number for that period. Power is a misnomer here. The SkyStream name for that field should have been energy.