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Key Questions

  • Is solar+storage economical in my location and building type?

Cost Point Definitions

Cost Point PV System Installed Cost ($/w) PV O&M Cost ($/kW) Battery Storage System Installed Cost for Power Rating* ($/kW) Battery Storage System Installed Cost for Energy Rating ($/kWh) Battery Storage Replacement Cost ($/kW) Battery Storage Replacement Cost ($/kWh)
High Cost Point $1.37 $8 $1,332 $290 $441 $256
Mid Cost Point $1.11 $8 $1,062 $256 $407 $238
Low Cost Point $0.97 $8 $1,193 $151 $326 $106
Stretch Cost Point $0.90 $8 $787 $106 $276 $97

* Battery storage projects costs vary depending on the power to energy ratio (also referred to as "duration"). The REopt model requires storage project costs to be input as two separate numbers, one for the power rating and another for the energy rating. These two cost variables are considered together in determining the optimal battery system configuration and, hence, the final project cost.