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New Mexico Interconnection of Generating Facilities over 10MW (8-NM-b)

This flowchart illustrates the procedure required for a developer to obtain interconnection from a utility for a generating facility. An interconnection application is a request by an interconnection customer (the developer) to interconnect a new generating facility, or to increase the capacity or make a material modification to the operating characteristics of an existing generating facility that is interconnected with the utility’s system. Interconnection Manual 12. The interconnection procedure for facilities with a rated capacity over 10 MW is conducted by the developer (interconnection customer) and the public utility serving electricity customers based on the rules outlined in NMAC 17.9.569.

Interconnection of Generating Facilities over 10MW Process

8-NM-b.1 to 8-NM-b.2 – Is the project for Interconnection of a Generating Facility up to and including 10 MW?

If the generating facility has a generating capacity up to and including 10 MW, then the developer should follow the interconnection procedures outlined in 8-NM-f.

Interconnection up to and Including 10 MW:

8-NM-b.3 – Application for Interconnection

The developer must submit an application to the utility. The application form is Exhibit 1B in the Interconnection manual. The application includes identifying information for the developer, generator qualifications, and interconnection facilities information.

8-NM-b.4 – Provide List of Necessary Interconnection Equipment

The utility must furnish to the developer a good faith, detailed list of required interconnection equipment and an itemized estimate of the costs that the developer will have to pay to the utility to complete the interconnect. The utility must provide the list to the developer within 30 business days of receiving an interconnection application. NMAC 17.9.569.8(C).

8-NM-b.5 to 8-NM-b.6 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

The utility must review application materials for completeness.

8-NM-b.7 – Provide Notice of Interconnection

The developer is required to provide the utility with at least 60 days written advance notice to interconnect. The notice must specify the date the generating facility will be ready for interconnection, the date the generating facility will be able to commence testing, and the anticipated date of operation after testing. The developer is required to pay the estimated costs of interconnection in full upon submitting the notice to interconnect. NMAC 17.9.569.8(F).

8-NM-b.8 – Conduct Operational Testing

Following receipt of the completed Interconnection Agreement, the developer may proceed with operational testing not to exceed two hours.

8-NM-b.9 to 8-NM-b.10 – Does the Utility Accept the Application?

The generating facility’s output to the utility must meet the interconnection standards listed in NMAC 17.9.569.8(J):

  • The voltage will be that voltage normally available on the utility system at the generator’s site or such other standard voltage to which the parties may agree;
  • The frequency will be 60 hertz;
  • The number of phases of the produced voltage will be compatible with the phases available on the utility system at the generator site;
  • The protective devices connected between the output of the generating facility and the utility system must be rated for the maximum available fault current that the utility’s system may be capable of developing at the point of interconnection;
  • The generating facility must be capable of protecting itself from damage resulting from impact loading and/or overloading under both normal operating conditions and emergency conditions; and
  • The generating facility’s output must not affect the utility’s distribution system. This includes but is not limited to:
  1. Overload of distribution equipment;
  2. Abnormal harmonic currents or voltages;
  3. Interference with automatic voltage regulation equipment; and
  4. Electronic noise that would interfere with communications.

If the utility does not accept the interconnection application, then the developer should consider amending the interconnection standards in use at the generating facility and re-apply for interconnection.

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