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New Mexico Interconnection up to and Including 10MW (8-NM-f)

This flowchart illustrates the procedure required for a developer to obtain interconnection from a utility for a generating facility. An interconnection application is a request by an interconnection customer (the developer) to interconnect a new generating facility, or to increase the capacity or make a material modification to the operating characteristics of an existing generating facility that is interconnected with the utility’s system. Interconnection Manual 12. The interconnection procedure is conducted by the developer (interconnection customer) and the public utility, within the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

Interconnection up to and Including 10MW Process

8-NM-f.1 – Conduct Pre-Application Meeting, if Requested

The developer may request a pre-application discussion with the utility. This meeting provides the developer with information on the application process.

8-NM-f.2 – Application for Interconnection

The developer must submit an Interconnection Application to the utility along with the fees or deposit required by NMAC 17.9.568.12(A). The Interconnection Application is provided in the Interconnection Manual. The Interconnection Application must be dated and time-stamped when received by the utility.

8-NM-f.3 – Provide Notice of Receipt of Application

The utility must provide notice to the developer that the utility received the application.

8-NM-f.4 – 8-NM-b.5 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

The utility will review the application materials for completeness. The utility must provide notice to the developer if the application materials are incomplete. The notice will include a written list detailing all information that must be provided to complete the application. The developer will have 10 days to submit the necessary information to the utility.

8-NM-f.6 – Conduct Interconnection Screening Process

The utility must utilize the interconnection screening process and the screen criteria outlined in the Interconnection Manual. The screening process results in the application of one of the following review paths:

  • Simplified interconnection (for certified inverter-based facilities with a power rating of 10kW or less on radial or network systems under certain conditions);
  • Fast track interconnection (for certified generating facilities that pass certain specified screens);
  • Full interconnection study (for generating facilities that have a power rating of 10MW or less and do not qualify for fast track or simplified interconnection). NMAC 17.9.568.10.

8-NM-f.7 to 8-NM-f.8 – Does the Generating Facility Qualify for Simplified or Fast Track Interconnection?

The simplified interconnection process is available to an Interconnection Customer proposing to interconnect its generating facility to a non-Network System using a certified inverter that is 10kW or smaller.

The fast track process is available to an Interconnection Customer if the generating facility is generally no larger than 2MW and if the Interconnection Customer’s proposed generating facility meets the codes standards and certification requirements of the Interconnection Manual 9.

8-NM-f.9 – Conduct Initial Review

The utility will conduct an initial review that includes a scoping meeting with the developer.

8-NM-f.10 – Conduct Full Interconnection Study

The full interconnection study process must be used for an Interconnection Customer proposing to interconnect its generating facility with the system if the facility:

  • Is not larger than 10MW;
  • Does not include a Certified Equipment Package; or
  • Includes a Certified Equipment Package but did not pass the fast track process or the simplified interconnection 10kW inverter process.

The full interconnection study must provide an in-depth engineering review of the interconnection addressing all aspects of generator performance and grid interaction and take into account the unique circumstances that require the full interconnection study. Interconnection Manual 10.1.

The full interconnection study process may include an Impact Study and a Feasibility Study. At the developer’s request, the utility will provide a good faith estimate of the cost and time to undertake a Feasibility Study that provides a preliminary review of the potential impacts on the Distribution System from the proposed interconnection and proposed Feasibility Study agreement. The Feasibility Study will provide a preliminary review of short circuit currents, including contribution from the proposed generating facility, and coordination and potential overloading of distribution circuit protection devices. Interconnection Manual 10.5. If the Feasibility Study determines that an Impact Study is not required, the Impact Study may be waived by mutual agreement.

8-NM-f.11 to 8-NM-f.12 – Does the Generating Facility Pass the Initial Screenings?

If the generating facility passes the screens, then the utility must provide the developer with an executable Interconnection Agreement within 5 business days.

If the generating facility does not pass initial screenings, a supplemental review will be conducted by the utility. Failure to pass initial screenings does not disqualify the generating facility from interconnection.

8-NM-f.13 – Can the Generating Facility be Interconnected Safely and Reliably?

If the generating facility can be interconnected safely and reliably, then the utility must forward an executable Interconnection Agreement to the developer within five business days. If minor modifications are required to the utility’s electric system to interconnect the generating facility, then the developer will be responsible for the costs.

8-NM-f.14 to 8-NM-f.15 – Negotiate Interconnection Agreement

When it is determined that the generating facility may be interconnected safely and reliably the utility must send the developer an executable Interconnection Agreement. Within 30 business days of the receipt of an Interconnection Agreement, the developer must execute and return the Interconnection Agreement. Interconnection Manual 10.10.

8-NM-f.16 – Conduct Operational Testing

Following receipt of the completed Interconnection Agreement, the developer may proceed with operational testing not to exceed two hours.

8-NM-f.17 – Provide Notice of Operational Testing Completion

When the developer completes operational testing, they are required to provide written notice of completion to the utility.

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