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Utah State Highway Right-of-Way Overview (3-UT-c)

The Utah Department of Transportation's Region Permits Offices protect the State’s right-of-way and facilitate and coordinate other highway users and provide for safe and efficient operation of Utah's highways. The Regional offices are responsible for accommodating utility facilities for public service and work zone safety by issuing permits for access, encroachment, outdoor advertising, junkyard, filming, and special events.

State Highway Right-of-Way Overview Process

3-UT-c.1 to 3-UT-c.2 – Does the Proposed Activity Require Utility Lines within the UDOT Right-of-Way

If the proposed project or activity will require any utility lines to be located within the UDOT Right-of-Way (ROW), the developer should consult Utah Department of Transportation and follow the procedure included in the following flowchart:

Encroachment Permit:

3-UT-c.3 to 3-UT-c.4 – Does the Proposed Activity Require a New, Modified, or Relocated Access Point to a State Highway

A grant of access permit is required from the Utah Department of Transportation whenever a new driveway, other curb cut, or local street connection is required on a State Highway. This applies to permission to construct a new driveway or vehicular access, modify or relocate an existing driveway or access, or to close an access on the State Highway ROW. A new access permit is also required when there is a change in land and use or a change in the use of an existing Access Permit. UAC R930-6.8(2)(a)-(b).

A grant of access permit does not carry with it a right of construction. UAC R930-6.8(1)(g).

Grant of Access Permit:

3-UT-c.5 – No Permit Needed, Continue with Project

If neither of the above permits are required for the project, no permit is required from the Utah Department of Transportation. The developer may proceed with the project.

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