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Utah Encroachment Permit (3-UT-f)

A developer wishing to construct, maintain, repair, operate or use any pole line, surface or subsurface line or other facility in the Utah Department of Transportation right-of-way must have an Encroachment Permit before beginning work.

Encroachment Permit Process

3-UT-f.1 to 3-UT-f.2 – Utility Line Agreement

All utilities located within State Highway Right of Way must enter into a license agreement with the Department. The developer should contact UDOT and set up an individual meeting to discuss the terms and conditions necessary before drafting a utility line agreement.

More information on this process can be found at the UDOT - Statewide Utility License Agreements webpage. After a utility line agreement is in place, the UDOT Regional offices can issue location specific encroachment permits for construction and maintenance.

3-UT-f.3 – Submit Required Bond

A bond is required for companies and corporations, however a bond is not required for cities, counties, towns, special services, water improvement and water districts. The developer should contact Richard Manser at 801.965.4083 or rmanser@uath.gov for more information on the utility license agreement process.

The Encroachment Bond must be in effect for three years after completion of the work. The amount of the bond is determined by the Region Permits Officer and should cover the cost of the work done on the right-of-way by the contractor.

3-UT-f.4 – Pre-Application Meeting

Section 5 of the Accommodation of Utilities and the Control and Protection of State Highway Rights of Way manual discusses utility line agreements and utility installation requirements. The developer should familiarize themselves with this document and initiate a pre-application meeting with UDOT prior to applying for an encroachment permit.

3-UT-f.5 – Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit Application

Section 5.2 of R930-6 provides specific information about the application for a right of way or encroachment permit. A fillable version of the application form can be found at the following location:

T-223 Application for Right-Of-Way Encroachment Permit

Two sets of plans with must be submitted with each permit application showing the right of way, all existing utilities, depth of proposed line, location of new facility in relation to centerline of road, and location of manholes.

3-UT-f.6 to 3-UT-f.7 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

UDOT will not formally review any application until it is deemed complete. If UDOT determines the application is incomplete, the developer will be notified in writing. The notification will include any outstanding items, issues, or concerns based on the submitted information. Upon receipt the developer must provide the additional data and information as requested or withdraw the application. R930-6-8(6)(a)

The typical completeness review period is 10 working days and begins with the submission of the application. R930-6-8(6)(b)

3-UT-f.8 to 3-UT-f.9 – Does UDOT Approve the Application?

Once the application is deemed complete, UDOT will begin processing the application. If UDOT determines additional information is required to make the decision, UDOT will request additional information from the developer. R930-6-8(6)(c)

Developers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and the requirements of R930-6 before the UDOT Region Director or his authorized representative issues a permit to proceed with any work.

If UDOT does not approve the application the developer may appeal the decision. R930-6-9(3) If the developer does not appeal the process ends.

3-UT-f.10 to 3-UT-f.11 – Review Application on Appeal

UDOT will review the application on appeal in accordance with R930-6, R907-1, and Utah Code Title 63G Chapter 4. The Attorney General will assist the UDOT Regional Director during any hearing and drafting of the final order.

3-UT-f.12 – Encroachment Permit

UDOT issues the encroachment permit subject to terms and conditions therein. After obtaining the encroachment permit, the contractor will notify the specified UDOT inspector prior to beginning any work. If an inspector is unnecessary for any job, the contractor should notify UDOT when the work is complete.

For each permit issued, UDOT will recover the cost of planning and coordination prior to issuing the permit (including administrative and support costs, review of plans by UDOT staff, field review by UDOT staff, and inspection costs). R930-6.

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