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Alaska Hazardous Waste Permit (18-AK-b)

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation defers to the federal regulations on the management of hazardous waste. In the event a project is merely generating hazardous waste but is not treating, storing, disposing or transporting the hazardous waste, then only a manifest is required. If the project must treat, store, dispose or transport hazardous waste then the developer must apply for a hazardous waste permit. A Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest is also used when a project transports the hazardous waste. The Department of Environmental Conservation reviews the application materials and keeps a public record of the application and any associated documents. Generally, the main point of contact for hazardous waste issues is Region 10 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Hazardous Waste Permit Process

18-AK-b.1 - Will the project treat, store, dispose or transport hazardous waste

A Hazardous Waste Permit is not required for the generation of hazardous waste. A permit is only required for facilities treating, storing or disposing of hazardous waste.

18-AK-b.2 - Report or Manifest

Under Alaska Stat. § 46.03.305, anyone who generates hazardous waste must submit a report or manifest with Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

18-AK-b.3 - Hazardous Waste Permit Application

Alaska defers to the federal hazardous waste program, so the EPA forms will satisfy Alaska's requirements under Alaska Stat. § 46.03.302. The EPA RCRA Hazardous Waste Permit Application may be found on the EPA's website.

18-AK-b.4 - Will the project transport hazardous waste

The transport of hazardous waste in Alaska must be accompanied by the uniform hazardous waste manifest.

18-AK-b.5 - Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

Uniform hazardous waste manifest

18-AK-b.6 - Review application materials

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation reviews the application materials to ensure that all of the statutes requirements have been met and may impose terms and conditions that mitigate any potential damages the hazardous waste may cause.

18-AK-b.7 - Post public notice

Special exceptions may be made to publication of of permits under Alaska Statute 46.03.311. If the commissioner is satisfied that trade secrets must be protected, then the record, report, permit, application or information is confidential. Otherwise the permit and associated documents become a part of the public record.

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