Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

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Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is an organization based in Juneau, Alaska: Energy Resources.

DEC Policy: To conserve, improve, and protect its natural resources and environment and control water, land, and air pollution, in order to enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the state and their overall economic and social well being.

Commissioner's Office

The chief executive office of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation provides agency direction and administration and is policy liaison with the Governor's Office and Legislature.

Air Quality

Director: Denise Koch
(907) 465-5105

The Federal Clean Air Act and state law in Title 44, Chapter 46, and Title 46, Chapter 3 and Chapter 14 establish the duties of the Division of Air Quality for controlling and mitigating air pollution and for conserving the clean air that is enjoyed in most locations of Alaska.

The Division of Air Quality has worked with the local governments in Anchorage and Fairbanks to improve air quality by reducing automotive pollution. In recent years, the improvements have succeeded in meeting the clean air standard for carbon monoxide in both cities. In Juneau, the Division and the City and Borough of Juneau continue to successfully manage wood smoke pollution to maintain clean air standards for breathable particulate matter pollution.

Alaskans periodically experience threatening air pollution from natural events including forest fires, volcanic eruptions and high wind glacial dust storms. While no one can control these types of pollution, the Division of Air Quality provides health advisories and suggested protective actions for people to take during these events.

Water Quality

Director: Michelle Hale
(907) 465-5135

Division of Water Quality mission:

  • Establish standards for water cleanliness;
  • Regulate discharges to waters and wetlands;
  • provide financial assistance for water and wastewater facility construction and waterbody assessment and remediation;
  • Train, certify, and assist water and wastewater system operators; and
  • monitor and report on water quality.

Environmental Health

Director: Christian Carpenter

The Division of Environmental Health (EH) deals with the basics: safe drinking water, food, and sanitary practices. Our goal is to provide businesses with clear standards so they can protect our environment and provide safe food and drinking water to Alaskans.

Spill Prevention and Response

Director: Kristen Ryan
(907) 269-3094

The Division of Spill Prevention and Response (SPAR) prevents spills of oil and hazardous substances, prepares for when a spill occurs and responds rapidly to protect human health and the environment.

Prevention SPAR ensures spill prevention through the review and approval of prevention plans for oil terminals, pipelines, tank vessels and barges, railroads, refineries, and exploration and production facilities; the underground storage tank spill prevention program; technical assistance to industry and the public; risk reduction measures; inspections; and education in proper spill prevention and response methods.

Preparedness SPAR ensures response preparedness through the review and approval of oil discharge contingency plans; inspections; spill drills and exercises; partnerships with local communities and other state and federal agencies; pre-positioning of response equipment for local use; maintenance of statewide and regional spill response plans; and implementation of the Incident Command System for spill response.

Response SPAR ensures an effective response through the identification and rapid abatement of dangerous acute human exposures to hazardous substances; timely characterization and remediation of chronic health exposure risks from hazardous substance releases; mitigation of the effects of spills on the environment and cultural resources; and restoration of property value and usability through adequate cleanup.

Administrative Services

Director: Tom Cherian
(907) 465-5010.

The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Administrative Services is dedicated to providing support for departmental programs. DAS staff are also responsible for the more routine activities and provide traditional administrative functions of accounting services, information technology services, budget review, and facility management.


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