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Iowa Land Use Planning (1-IA-a)

Information current as of 2019
In Iowa, land use planning is typically delegated to counties and municipalities, though the Iowa City Development Board oversees land use planning in general. In Iowa, land use decisions should support the following sustainable community principles:
  • Mixed land uses;
  • Compact building design;
  • Creating housing opportunities and choices;
  • Creating walkable communities;
  • Fostering distinctive, attractive communities;
  • Preserving open space, farmland, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas;
  • Strengthening and directing development toward existing communities;
  • Providing a variety of transportation choices;
  • Making development decisions predictable, fair and cost-effective; and
  • Encouraging community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions.
Iowa City Development Board – Land Use Planning Website.

Land Use Planning Process

1-IA-a.1 – Initiate Transmission Siting Process

Despite the land use planning done by other entities, the Iowa Utilities Board has jurisdiction over all electric transmission siting within the state. Iowa Code § 474; Iowa Code § 478. Transmission lines capable of carrying a voltage of 69kV or higher must have an Electric Transmission Line Franchise in order to be constructed or operated. I.C. § 478.1(1). Transmission lines below this voltage capacity do not require such franchises, but the Utility Board still retains jurisdiction over those lines, including siting. I.C. § 478.1(2). For more information see:

Transmission Siting Process:

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