Iowa Utilities Board

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The Iowa Utilities Board is a 3-member public utilities commission that is a division of the Iowa Department of Commerce. Board members are appointed by the Governor of Iowa for 6-year terms. The Board regulates rates and services of electric utilities, natural gas utility and water utilities, and a some telecommunication companies per Iowa Code. It supervises all pipelines and transmission lines, and the sale and distribution of electricity. It also has additional authorities that allow allow it to resolve disputes, deal with complaints, and enforce engineering safety standards.

IUB regulates the rates and service of the 2 Iowa electric companies, MidAmerican Energy and Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), a subsidiary of Alliant Energy Company and also the Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs). The RECs can choose to be regulated for rates and only the Linn County, Iowa REC has chosen to do so. IUB is responsible for distributing Electric Transmission Franchises for projects that will be constructing high voltage transmission lines. IUB also regulates the service of landline telephone providers in Iowa, but neither regulates cellphone providers nor any rates. Since 2007, IUB issues cable television franchise agreements. Lastly, IUB regulates the rates and service of the Iowa-American Water Company, which operates in Davenport, Iowa and Clinton, Iowa. It does not regulate small or municipally owned water utilities.


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