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Kansas Bulk Transmission Land Access(3-KS)

In Kansas, a transmission developer may need a State Land Right-of-Way from the state agency with jurisdiction to access state lands. Any Kansas state agency head has authority to grant a right-of-way over, upon or under state land. A developer may also need a Use of Highway Right-of-Way or a Utility Permit Agreement from the Kansas Department of Transportation if the project will involve the installation, relocation, removal, or maintenance along, over or under any state highway right-of-way.

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Determine Which State and Federal Permits Apply

Use this overview flowchart and following steps to learn which federal and state permits apply to your projects.

Permitting at a Glance

Kansas Federal

State Land Right-of-Way: Public utilities may need a Right-of-Way Easement to construct any power line or other public utility installation on state land. 75 K.S.A. § 2131.
State Land Right-of-Way Agency: State agency with jurisdiction.
State Highway Right-of-Way: Utilities may need a Use of Highway Right-of-Way or a State Utility Permit to install, relocate, remove, or maintain a project along, over, or under any state highway right-of-way.
State Highway Right-of-Way Agency: Kansas Department of Transportation
Eminent Domain: The Kansas Corporation Commission may grant any corporation that has obtained a Certificate of Convenience with the right to take private property by eminent domain. K.S.A. §§ 26-101, 26-501b(b).