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AMOG Consulting +AMOG Consulting - Numerical Modeling  +
Alden Research Laboratory, Inc +Alden Tow Tank  +, Alden Wave Basin  +, Alden Small Flume  +,
American Bureau of Shipping +American Bureau of Shipping - Numerical Modeling  +
Bucknell University +Bucknell Hydraulic Flume  +
Coastal Studies Institute - North Carolina +ECU Outer Banks Campus Wave Tank  +
Colorado State University Hydrodynamics +Colorado State University Hydraulics Laboratory  +
Cornell University Hydrodynamics +DeFrees Flume 1  +, DeFrees Flume 2  +, DeFrees Flume 3  +,
ETA International +ETA International - Modeling  +, ETA International - Bench Testing  +
Evergreen Innovations +Evergreen Innovations - Numerical Modeling  +
Florida Atlantic University - Hydrodynamics Laboratory +Florida Atlantic University - Hydrodynamics Laboratory - Flume  +, Florida Atlantic University - Hydrodynamics Laboratory - Tunnel  +
Florida Atlantic University - Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center +Florida Atlantic University - Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center - Numerical Modeling  +, Florida Atlantic University - Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center - Ocean Power Generation Simulator Dynomometer  +
Hawai’i Natural Energy Institute - University of Hawai’i at Manoa +Hawaii Natural Energy Institute - University of Hawaii at Manoa - Numerical Modeling  +
Integral Consulting +Integral Consulting - Numerical Modeling  +
Lehigh University +Lehigh University - Tidal Turbulence Test Facility  +
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Towing Tank Lab) +MIT Tow Tank  +
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (MRE Testing and Expertise Centers) +National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Energy Market and Economic Analysis  +, National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Numerical Modeling and Design  +, National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Technology Innovation and Assessment  +,
Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock) +Carderock Large Cavitation Tunnel  +, Carderock Tow Tank 3  +, Carderock Subsonic Wind Tunnel  +,
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants +NHC Large Flume  +
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (MRE Testing and Expertise Centers) +Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility  +, Oak Ridge National Laboratory - National Transportation Research Center  +, Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Aquatic Ecology Laboratory  +,
Ocean Flow International +Ocean Flow International - Numerical Modeling  +
Ohmsett +Ohmsett Tow Tank  +
Oregon State University +Hinsdale Large Wave Flume  +, Hinsdale Directional Wave Basin  +, Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility  +,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (MRE Testing and Expertise Centers) +Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Bio-Acoustic & Flow Laboratory  +, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory  +, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Coastal Modeling Group  +,
Pennsylvania State University (Applied Research Laboratory) +1.5in High Speed Water Tunnel  +, 12in Water Tunnel  +, 48in Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel  +,
Re Vision Consulting +Re Vision Consulting Numerical Modeling  +