Carderock Large Cavitation Tunnel

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Basic Specifications
Overseeing Organization Naval Surface Warfare Center (Carderock)
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Tunnel
Testing Capability Type Device and Array
Testing Capability Components, Power Take-Off
Length(m) 13.1
Beam(m) 3
Depth(m) 3
Water Type Freshwater
Special Physical Features The Large Cavitation Channel was designed as a variable pressure, recirculating, cavitation tunnel with a very low acoustic background level; test section pressure: 3.5-414 kPa (0.03 to 4 atmospheres, 0.5 to 60 psia); air content: 10% to 100% saturation
Participation in TEAMER
TEAMER Facility No

Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities None

Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities None

Velocity(m/s) 18
Recirculating Yes
Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities None

Control and Data Acquisition
Cameras None

Available Sensors Pressure Range(psi)
Data Generation Capability
Real-Time No

Test Services
Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics None

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