Sandia Lake Facility

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Basic Specifications
Overseeing Organization Sandia National Laboratories (Water Power)
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Tank
Testing Capability Type Structural, Device and Array
Testing Capability Components, Loads
Length(m) 57.3
Beam(m) 36.6
Depth(m) 15.2
Water Type Freshwater
Special Physical Features
Participation in TEAMER
TEAMER Facility Yes
TEAMER Facility Type Basin/Tank
TEAMER Capability Component and Power testing, Test Environments, Field/open water lake testing, General component testing, Outdoor wave tank or basin testing, Structural testing
TEAMER Description Located near the SWEPT facility and the SNL WP offices, this small lake facility (oversized outdoor tank) can be used to perform shakedown tests of WEC systems including mooring systems. Otherwise known as the Water Impact Facility located at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the lake facility provides a controlled environment for high-velocity water impact testing, gravity-assisted drop testing and underwater testing. A 300-foot drop tower stands next to a 120-foot-wide by 188-foot-long by 50-foot-deep lake. A total depth of 80 feet for underwater testing can be obtained via a 6-foot-diameter, 30-foot-long steel pipe at the bottom of the lake.
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Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities Yes
Maximum Velocity(m/s) 15.2
Length of Effective Tow(m) 45.7
Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities Yes
Maximum Wave Height(m) 0.9
Maximum Wave Height(m) at Wave Period(s) 3
Maximum Wave Length(m) 4.57
Wave Period Range(s) 3
Current Velocity Range(m/s) 0
Programmable Wavemaking Yes
Wavemaking Description Values listed are for a conceptual design yet to be implemented for the Sandia Lake facility.
Wave Direction Uni-Directional
Simulated Beach No
Channel/Tunnel/Flume None

Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities None

Control and Data Acquisition
Description Sandia Mobile Instumentation Unit (MIU) or portable Spectral Dynamics digitizers and recorders
Number of channels >300
Bandwidth(kHz) >1000
Cameras Yes
Number of Color Cameras 10
Description of Camera Types High speed (>10,000 fps), submersible, color, Particle Image Velocitmetry (PIV), Digital Image Correlation (DIC), etc.
Available Sensors Acceleration, Acoustics, Displacement, Flow, Force, Power conversion effectiveness and generation, Strain, Thermal, Turbulence, Velocity, Vibration
Data Generation Capability
Real-Time Yes
Data Comparison to Computational Models Sandia developed technology of Linking Experiments to Models Using Registration (LEMUR) integrates full-field measurements with Finite Element (FE) model predictions to provide time-resolved comparison results with quantified uncertainties.
Integrated Display/Graphics Sandia developed data analysis and visualization software called K2. 3D visualization capabilities can also be employed.
Other Data Capabilites The Tech Area 3 test facility has state-of-the-art instrumentation and diagnostics that are constantly maintained and up-to-date with the latest available capabilities for supporting a wide range of high profile, large scale testing.
Test Services
Utility Services Available 208V 3 phase, 100 amp; 120 V 20 amps single phase; water
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Machine shop with lathes, milling, band saws, welding, small to large construction, etc.
Past Pertinent Test Experience High speed water impact, sensors and data acquisition, planning and program management of high-risk, high profile tests, high-speed photography, fuel/fire testing and analyses
Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics Yes
Types of Co-located facilities Large scale test facilities in Area 3: Shock facility, impact drop tower, sled tracks for ultra-high speed impacts, vibration, acoustic, centrifuge
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key
Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere
Expertise in a broad range of capabilities applied to large scale testing, and ability to integrate that expertise to address challenging issues and solve complex problems.

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