Policymakers' Guidebook for Geothermal Electricity Generation

From Open Energy Information


This guidebook is a short discussion on how to create policy that overcomes challenges to geothermal implementation. The document follows a five step process from assessing resource potential through implementing policies. These five steps are:

  1. Assess the Local Industry and Resource Potential
  2. Identify Challenges to Local Development
  3. Evaluate Current Policy
  4. Consider Policy Options
  5. Implement Policies

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs include: None

Outputs include: Outputs include successful policy implementation by following the five step process.


"This document identifies and describes five steps for implementing geothermal policies that may reduce barriers and result in deployment and implementation of geothermal technologies that can be used for electricity generation, such as conventional hydrothermal, enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), geopressured, co-production, and low temperature geothermal resources." [1]


The document is a short read, only six pages, but provides valuable graphics and strategies to reach geothermal generation goals.


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