OpenStudio Policy Analysis Tool

From Open Energy Information

Perform simple modeling and analysis by visually comparing sets of perturbation results and evaluating them against collections of standards rules.

The Policy Analysis Tool is a data manipulation and data visualization tool related to perturbations and the application of codes and standards for commercial buildings. It is a GUI frontend that provides a clear and intuitive workflow, simplifying the process of data generation and display of results. Instructions and help are provided via video tutorials (, search “openstudio”), and a user forum (

The Policy Analysis Tool uses the OpenStudio development platform with EnergyPlus, which is a capable, whole-building energy analysis, but does not include a GUI. OpenStudio creates an object-oriented framework with attributes and behaviors associated with each object, provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for EnergyPlus, extends the EnergyPlus Input Data File (IDF) functionality, and provides the capability for rapid graphical software development.

The Policy Analysis Tool is an open source, cross-platform, cross-language application. Users of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems can freely obtain all source code and, following the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) protocol, use C++, C#, and Ruby programming languages to extend functionality or create entire new applications which leverage this or other National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) OpenStudio work.


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