Ecofys-Country Fact Sheets

From Open Energy Information

Ecofys country fact sheets updated in December 2011 provide information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, sectoral trends, emission reduction costs and climate policies for 61 countries as well as for the world, Annex I and non Annex I countries.

The factsheets can be regarded as a conglomeration of the best available data. As much of the data available is spread over various sources and furthermore tends to be inconsistent or incomplete, the report combined various data set to develop a coherent data set. The factsheets therefore present a consistent data set presenting historical trends, the current situation and projections to 2020. In summary the factsheets provide a ready overview of a number of important national circumstances, characteristics and trends in a common format that are useful among others for the negotiation on the post-2012 climate change regimes.


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