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Country Profile
Population Unavailable
GDP $45,887,000,000
Energy Consumption 1.16 Quadrillion Btu
2-letter ISO code BY
3-letter ISO code BLR
Numeric ISO code 112
UN Region[1] Eastern Europe
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CIA World Factbook, Appendix D[2]

Energy Resources[edit]

Resource Value Units Rank Period Source
Wind Potential 0 Area(km²) Class 3-7 Wind at 50m 82 1990 NREL
Solar Potential 379,989,767 MWh/year 97 2008 NREL
Coal Reserves 110.23 Million Short Tons 57 2008 EIA
Natural Gas Reserves 2,832,000,000 Cubic Meters (cu m) 94 2010 CIA World Factbook
Oil Reserves 198,000,000 Barrels (bbl) 59 2010 CIA World Factbook

Energy Maps featuring Belarus[edit]

Belarus global irradiation and solar electricity potential (horizontally-mounted photovoltaic modules) Belarus global irradiation and solar electricity potential (optimally-inclined photovoltaic modules)

Reegle logo.png Policy and Regulatory Overview [3][edit]

Belarus Policy and Regulatory Overview

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Belarus is a country in Europe.
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