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Logo: ClimateTechWiki - a clean technology platform
Searchable wiki-type information on a wide variety of technologies by name, by sector, and by the service that they provide.

ClimateTechWiki contains:

  • Detailed information on a broad set of mitigation and adaptation technologies.
  • Technology case studies made available by REEEP and website users.
  • Information on the application of a technology under the CDM (provided by the UNEP Risoe Centre Carbon Markets Group)
  • A user forum to facilitate a "community of technology practitioners".

ClimateTechWiki offers a platform for a wide range of stakeholders in developed and developing countries who are involved in technology transfer and the wider context of low emission and low vulnerability development. The website has been developed in parallel to updating the “Handbook for Conducting Technology Needs Assessment for Climate” (TNA Handbook) as an on-line tool for enhancing the familiarity of decision makers in developing countries with technologies for mitigation and adaptation.

  1.  "ClimateTechWiki - a clean technology platform"