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Abengoa Solar began by assisting in the construction of the Solar Platform in Almeria in 1984. In 1987, Abengoa Solar supplied facets for the Weizmann Institute's heliostats in Israel. Since then, Abengoa Solar has engaged in projects all over the world. Currently, they are developing a plant in Spain, assisting in the production of the first two Integrated Solar Combined Cycle plants in Algeria and Morocco, and have signed an agreement to join the "Desertec Industrial Initiative", a project to develop renewable energy in the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East to supply energy.[2]

In the United States, Abengoa Solar has offices in both San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado, where it employs over 50 people full-time.[3] In Colorado, the solar field at the Jefferson County Detention Facility provides inmates hot water in the summer and air conditioning in the winter. It has been in operation since 1996.[4]

PS10 Solar Tower[edit]

Abengoa Solar began operation of Europe's first commercial solar thermal plant in 2007.[5] The PS10, located near Sevilla in southern Spain, harnesses concentrated solar power through a field of 600 mirrors that focus the sun's rays on a 40-story tower that houses a receiver where water is heated to steam which is stored and then can be used to drive turbines that then generate electricity.[6] Expansion of the facility is under way with a new tower, the PS20, that will have double the capcity of the PS10 and supply electricity for 12,000 households.[7] Construction of the tower was expensive and required subsidy from the Spanish government and the European Union, however the hope is the price of such construction will become competitive as the technology develops.[5][6]



Abengoa Solar's Spain office, located in Seville, Spain, focuses on the construction and operation of solar power plants, as well as the installation of solar hot water and air heating/cooling systems. Abengoa Solar of Spain is also focused on CSP (concentrating solar power) technology, and PV (photovoltaics) technology.[8]


Abengoa Solar has two offices located in the United States of America, in San Francisco, California, and Denver, Colorado. Currently, Abengoa Solar USA employs 50 people. Abengoa Solar USA is actively developing technology for the development and design of solar power plants. Abengoa Solar USA also works with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.[9]

North Africa[edit]

Abengoa has a solar combined-cycle hybrid power plant in Hassi-R'mel, Algeria[10] and an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) power plant in Ain Beni Mathar, Morocco.[11] These two plants are considered the first two hybrid-cycle power plants in the world. They are both in the construction phase.


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