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1 Solar Inc +Early-stage startup from Sandia National Laboratories, developing technologies for 15-year inverters for solar and other renewable energy systems.  +
1 Soltech +Panels  +
10Charge Inc +Developer of patented technology for faster battery charging time which also extends battery lifetime.  +
12 Voltz Limited +Selling and delivering broad range of advanced energy generating systems and accessories including wind turbines, solar panels, batteries,regulators,and stables, and as well as developing renewable energy technology and related products.  +
1366 Technologies +Developer of technologies for enhancing PV efficiency, including new cell wiring and wafer packaging systems.  +
1Soltech Inc +Texas-based PV module maker.  +
1st Mile +Denmark-based company that provides research and screening for venture capitalists.  +
21 Century Solar Inc +Privately-owned Garland-based manufacturer of solar-grade polysilicon.  +
21-Century Silicon, Inc. +Solar Grade Silicon >99.9999% purity  +
21st century Green Solutions LLC +Exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute 600 kW wind turbine technology in North America.  +
2DHeat Ltd +2DHeat Limited (2DHL) was formed in 2004 to industrialize a novel heating element technology that requires significantly less energy to manufacture and offers significantly better heating efficiency than conventional coiled wire elements.  +
2OC +Bath-based, geo-pressure energy company. 2OC helps organisations in the UK and elsewhere harvest clean electricity from the waste energy produced from their gas pressure reduction stations.  +
2degrees +Oxford-based collaborative network provider for sustainability professionals.  +
2e Carbon Access +2E Carbon Access is an enterprise focused solely on bringing carbon financing benefits to small-scale projects in developing countries.  +
3 Phases Energy Services LLC +San Francisco-based developer & marketer of PV projects to corporations, institutions, and utilities.  +
3C Holding AG +3C Holding AG develops trading strategies for EU allowances, JI/CDM Projects and climate neutral events, products and services. Merged with Factor Consulting to form First Climate.  +
3Degrees +Environmental Commodities  +
3E +Provides engineering and consultancy services in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and energy in buildings.  +
3G Energi +Manufacturers of pellet stoves and boilers. Also offers consultancy, feasability studies and advice.  +
3P Energy GmbH +Develops novel, miniaturised direct methanol fuel cells based on a patented membrane for portable applications.  +
3S Industries AG Formerly 3S Swiss Solar Systems AG +Swiss-based manufacturer of manual and semi-automatic PV module production lines  +, provides turnkey integration service for PV and BIPV.  +
3Soft Inc +3SOFT develops, manufactures and markets technology precision instruments and systems.  +
3TIER +Assessment and forecasting products for wind, solar, and hydro  +
3TIER Environmental Forecast Group Inc 3TIER +Seattle-based, renewable energy assessment and forecasting company.  +
3rd Rock Systems and Technologies +Provides proven renewable energy technologies and consulting services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  +