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What is AWAKEN?
The American Wake Experiment (AWAKEN) is a field campaign targeting high-resolution, large-volume measurements of utility-scale wind turbine wakes.

What are the objectives of AWAKEN?
To produce a high-quality and comprehensive dataset that can be used by the international community to test research hypotheses in the field of wind-plant aerodynamics, and to develop and validate numerical models for wind energy applications.

When is AWAKEN?
Phase 1 is planned take place in 2020/2021.

Where is AWAKEN?
The measurements will be collected at an operational wind plant where the terrain is relatively smooth and homogeneous, and the wind resource is high and reliable. The exact wind plant has not been finalized, and candidate plants are currently being considered.

Who is part of AWAKEN?
The primary organizing committee is made up of researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Other organizers and participants come from research laboratories, academic institutions and industry all over the world.

How do we get involved with AWAKEN?
Send an e-mail to asking to join the mail list. You will then start receiving information on how to actively engage in the planning and decision-making process, and notifications of upcoming meetings and milestones.