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To gather observations of sufficient quality to characterize important physical processes and for model validation, a variety of instrumentation is available. Often instruments are categorized by the quantities of interest that they measure. Some instruments can measure multiple quantities of interest. A summary of existing and developing instrumentation is provided below that represents the current state of the art. A description of each instrument can be viewed directly, or can be found by selecting a deployment platform or observed quantity of interest. For each instrument, there is a short description including information on how it operates and its spatial and temporal resolution. For many of the instruments, the technology readiness level (TRL), an indication of the maturity of the instrument, is also listed.

The full report is available through the wiki here, and can also be found at through NREL's publication database here.



Measurement Quantities

Technology Readiness Level

Technology readiness levels (TRLs) describe the suitability of a product or technology for a particular task, based on U.S. Department of Energy definitions, seen in Table 4 from